Healthy weight loss by cycling

The weather is getting more and more beautiful and less rainfall. Many people like to take action and like cycling. Losing weight through cycling is not all that difficult and a thoroughly positive side effect. Because while cycling to move and by moving each may decrease. Thus you something for your own health and in addition does something good for the environment. When removing Cycling for you is the fresh air and the immune system is strengthened thereby. With a few tips and tricks and effective tumble while cycling also the pounds and going to the balance falls characterized not so difficult.

Losing weight through cycling and metabolism

Due to the movement when cycling the body’s metabolism is stimulated and the naturally promotes the burning of fat. Losing weight by cycling also has several other advantages over other sports. Thus wheel can drive the everyday life belong. With a bike you can ride with friends or work fast times. Cycling is itself very gentle on the joints own.

When cycling will be worn for up to 70 percent of the body weight through the saddle. In endurance sports jogging the joints are much more stressed. Therefore Losing weight is something for thicker and older people through cycling. Muscles are built drive through the movement when cycling in the body. By building muscle, in turn, more fat is burned. When weighing therefore not frighten the same. Through the muscle increase the scale shows possibly even at a higher weight than before. The decisive factor here is, however, not the weight but the proportion of body fat. A body fat scale offers This is therefore particularly on.

The right amount of exercise

For long-term success in losing weight by cycling course a more effective training plan. It should often be driven wheel per week, even if it should be only short distances. Who per week is a long distance runs only once, for it will hardly come to burn fat. Especially at the beginning of the training is recommended for a period of 20 to 40 minutes. The load should be well immersed evenly. So sprints or steep slopes should be avoided.

Setting the bike properly

The bike should always be adjusted individually to the user. The only way to excessive effort and muscle tension can be prevented. First, the saddle should be set correctly. If you sit on the bike, the legs should be slightly bent when the pedals are in the lowest position. Also, the distance from saddle to handlebar must be considered. So be careful before buying a bicycle, the steering is adjustable at all. As an indication is given that a forearm length plus a hand fit between saddle and handlebars. The driver should then be adjusted so that the user is sitting comfortably. It can not tweak the neck there, otherwise the steering is well set too low. Now is removing Cycling for nothing in the way except one’s own will.