As yellow grass is green again

Slowly it is getting warmer outside and the sun is shining. And yet in many places again many yellow lawns to see. Such a yellow lawn looks naturally not very nice and it annoys many an amateur gardener. A yellow grass says directly, here there is something wrong. But as yellow grass is green again, do not know any hobby gardener. Of course, some things need to lawn care to make everything shine again in a lush green. As yellow grass is green again, but also depends on the reason why the beautiful lawn has turned yellow.

Too short cut

Often it my hobby gardener with the lawn mowing too seriously. A common cause of yellow grass is actually the wrong section. The lawn is doing yellow when that was cut or mowed too early in the year. Also, the grass is cut because of the beauty too short. This will spread very quickly the unloved yellowish color. If the grass is cut too short, the leaves and young shoots are usually cut with. This takes the lawn but to growth. As a consequence of the small yellowish bare stems remain. If then also the sod should see the salvation of the grass is no longer so simple.

The lawn needs now to be a lot of time to recover from all the hardships. The hobby gardener can extend the helping the lawn like this. Simply remove with a rake the cuttings and leaves from the lawn. This gives the lawn more air and enough light can penetrate soil. If the grass is then left alone, this is all by itself again denser and thus also green again. The grass can be supported for the new growth with special lawn fertilizer. Due to the broken lawn fertilizer gets back sufficiently useful nutrients supplied and can recover more quickly. There will always be some points which are simply no longer green. At such points, then new turf must be reseeded. As a hobby gardener so be careful the next time you mow that lawn is cut deeper than 4 inches.

Other causes

The grass can become discolored from green to yellow also, if it has been fertilized wrong. Many gardeners think it is too good with the fertilizer and thus overloading the lawn considerably in its development. Thus, it should always be taken urgently to the dosage of the fertilizer. If all this does not help, the yellow grass has a different cause and it must first be determined. It can of course also be that easy the soil is too bad for the lawn. This can be easily found with a soil sample and a control of the pH value. A consultation with a specialist or gardener can lead to the desired result in bad cases entirely.

Proper lawn care

With a few tips and tricks can usually avoid the yellowish discoloration. After the winter, the lawn should get adequate time to grow and recover. Only then is the first time must be mowed. After the first mowing remove all leaves and cuttings and thus give the grass to breathe and so this gets even more light to the roots. If you want to do something in the fall for the lawn in the new year, as can already regularly remove the foliage. This gives the lawn in autumn still enough light.

Important for a green lawn is also the irrigation. Especially in the dry summer the grass must be sufficiently watered, so that he can get his green and juicy. The irrigation should this occur regularly as possible in the morning hours. Because of the rising sun the grass is dried very gentle and does not burn by the same. Do not overdo it, however, the same for the irrigation of the lawn. If the grass is permanently wet, it can lead to fungal disease. As a result, the lawn is also yellow. It is not always easy to get the lawn and his Juicy green, but doable.