Toilet properly cleaning

Week for week, usually on weekends the apartment cleaned. To clean the bathroom and here in particular the toilet is not always the most beautiful object. The cleaning a toilet but you can make from the beginning a bit easier. The toilet itself, in this case, the model can be very crucial. To effectively remove urine stains and other stains, even choosing the right detergent plays a very important role. A toilet brush properly with some tips not that hard and is so much easier on the hand. If you are new builds its own bathroom or renovated, you think unfortunately only the color of the tiles and discussed with his wife, the shape of the new bathtub. But when a toilet is not so much is usually discussed and it is holding out a standard model. Who but who has failed, is the most regret in the future though. For here is for cleaning the design of the toilet and the material are also very important. The hygiene of it may depend critically on.

Prefer hanging toilet

On a stand-WC should be abandoned here. So a toilet can indeed install easier, but no later than clean the toilet properly will that then get revenge. In all grooves, cracks and also at the pipe transitions can quickly fix all kinds of dirt and hair. Therefore, one should necessarily rely on a hanging toilet here. Such a toilet is a bit more expensive than a stand-toilet, but it is easier to clean. Under the hanging toilet is a certain amount of ground clearance and can thus better mop the floor. There remain here so hang down no hair in any cracks and grooves. A stand-WC, as already described directly bolted to the floor. Then a drain pipe must be connected accordingly.

This design can be simplified to in an emergency maintenance something. Nevertheless, you should not do without for a new construction or a renovation on a hanging toilet. In a hanging toilet flexible seat height is a quite important argument. The default height here usually 40 centimeters is specified. This height can but so many people do not have the right. Thus, the toilet can be later installed. The correct height can facilitate standing here. In renovations but you have to be aware that the connections already exist and can not simply be put that way.

Material is very important

Today almost all the toilets made of porcelain. But even here there are differences that you then get to feel well during cleaning. Here, so you should focus on high-quality finishes. Such models often have a special coating on the surface. On such a coating, the water can run off much better. Such measures will be prevented from being able to settle lime on the surface here. Let’s be honest, most people are still more likely to be described as laymen here. So it is not surprising that you yourself can hardly recognize these differences. When buying a new toilet must then ask for the material used. In the shop actually even reach under the flushing rim and feel exactly. Just priced models have often does not have coating or glaze. This can be felt as a layman. This makes it possible to deposit at the most reasonable models here limescale and dirt lot easier.

Toilet brush properly and that regularly

To clean the toilet so much material is not needed. Therefore, make sure you clean your own toilet regularly always thorough and above all. This simple measure can safely dispense with harsh cleaning agents. A normal all-purpose cleaner will do just fine here. Otherwise you need a brush for the inner surfaces and a cloth for the outer surfaces. That was it even if one carries out the dry cleaning regularly. If the toilet should be older but, you will be a thorough deep cleaning not get around. Again, you should refrain from overly aggressive cleaning agents. Most have to act the cleaner longer and are then properly cleaned with a brush here.

Cleanse home remedy to toilet properly

All the deposits in the toilet you can often fight with some home remedies. This may even be the good old Cola miracle. Apply the cola and leave. Then simply rub off with a brush and rinse everything. When kink in the drain pipe is not so easy to turn. Here you can also use denture cleaner. Also you can use as an aid to the toilet cleaning baking soda and vinegar. The problem is usually in the toilet of the flushing rim. Since it is not so easy underneath. There are now even toilet models in stores that have no flushing rim. There the water then comes from built-in pool jets.